Easy Gift Idea

KitKat 4Everyone, including me, is always looking for cheap, easy gift ideas that look really great.  That’s why I am so glad I was shown this simple idea – and why I’m passing it on to all of you.  🙂  Today’s project is a gift wrapped candy bar.  A kit-kat bar, to be exact.  I cut a piece of Designer Paper into a 6″x6″ square, set the kit-kat bar in the center, put adheasive on all four sides of the paper, and folded the two sides down.  I used my crimper to seal shut the remaining two sides.  I tied it all off with a piece of ribbon (I find the wider ribbon looks best) and created a little tag to go along with it.  All in all this took me five minutes.

These are great to make as favors for a party or as a simple thank you gift for someone.  They are inexpensive (you can get four “wrappers” out of one piece of designer paper!) and very quick to make.  I love making these for guests at my Stampin’ Up! workshops and everyone always adores them.  I mean, who doesn’t love chocolate? 

KitKat 2


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